Chris had an early passion for entrepreneurship. He got his first taste of business as a 10 year kid sneaking candy to school to raise money for car wash supplies.  

As a teen he grew a passion for printing and merchandise. Chris took action and started a t-shirt printing business and never looked back. He knew he was born to do business and create jobs. 

As a way to grow a more scalable business and better jobs, Chris looked to the transportation industry as it was viewed as consistent and necessary. Although he couldn’t afford the traditional 53’ trailer and tractor. Chris did not let that stop him he found a way to get started with just one box truck, a pallet jack and dedication to the process of starting small and ending big. Email Chris Bright here.

About Box Truck University

BTU is a platform created for individuals who are interested in getting into the transportation industry and learning about LTL freight and how to run a successful box truck business.

We will show you everything from completing your FMSCA application to purchasing your vehicle and how to start building relationships and making profit with your box truck. 

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